Chelavia place largest ever order for tecnam aircraft

With an order recently announced at MAKS, the Russian aerospace trade show, valued at over €11.000.000, Russia’s ChelAvia confirmed its continuing investment in significantly expanding its fleet of Tecnam aircraft.

The Purchase Agreement includes ChelAvia adding new and upgrading variants of both the Tecnam P2002JF single and P2006T Twin.

The P2002JF will include a variable pitch propeller and updated navigation aids from Garmin.

It’s next generation of P2006T Twins with the latest improvements, enabling ChelAvia to offer flight training in adverse conditions.

Established in 2003, ChelAvia currently operates more than 65 Tecnam aircraft and is actively engaged in training commercial pilots for many Russian based airlines in particular.

This €11.000.000 order will see ChelAvia’s fleet growing to around 100 Tecnam aircraft, with deliveries scheduled between 2014 to 2016.

ChelAvia is committed to significantly developing both General Aviation and Commercial Flight Training in Russia. It has one of the most modern Flight Training fleets in the world and will see it growing its Flight Academy’s to over 50 locations across Russia.

Oleg Vasilyev, ChelAvia’s founder and Tecnam’s MD Paolo Pascale at the MAKS 2013 signing ceremony.