Tecnam MRI

Aerial Surveillance System equipped with electronic scan array radar, electro-optical system, AIS and bi-directional datalink. A unique Mission System that sends the information to the Ground Station in real time and correlates the information gathered by the sensors.

Sensors can be remotely controlled. Low operational cost.


OPV (Optional Piloted Vehicle) able to be piloted remotely from the ground station (UAV mode) or by an on-board pilot, like a regular aircraft.

Low operational cost, large payload, and increased endurance.

Aerial platform winner of the Civil UAVs Initiative.


Aerial platform designed to carry out flight inspection and calibration of navaids and navigation procedures.

Ground Station

Autonomous Mobile Station, easy to transport and deploy, as it is equipped with a hydraulic integrated system.

Able to host different systems, to provide operational support from ground to any aerial platform, to remotely control its sensors and communicate with other command centers as well as integrate other sensors in order to work as an autonomous surveillance unit.

Flexible and custom made configuration.

Ground Power Unit

Provides electrical power for any airborne platform. It can supply air conditioning for the cabin and includes a meteorological station for an accurate weather diagnosis before takeoff and landing.

Compact and versatile structure that can be easily deployed providing the aircraft with necessary electrical power for start up and maintenance activities.

Equipped with lights in order to carry out night tasks.