MRI was born

In a world where security has become a priority Indra has decided to launch the a powerful system to protect our coasts, the MRI. This revolutionary system has integrated multiple sensors in one application that can be managed from the plane and from the ground station. Selex´s Seaspray 5000E radar, Flir´s Ultraforce 275 HD and Automatic Identification System are the main sensors of the plane with a data link communication system. This allows the MRI to carry out most types of Surveillance missions. The system is based on the P2006T platform. The aircraft was selected taking into consideration a number of factors like reliability, low acquisition and operation costs, together with great performances.

The key of this system relays on the cost effective platform that we have chosen. We can do the same missions than any other platforms at a price much less expensive. «Our Operational costs are simply unbeatable» added Jose Manuel Pérez-Pujazón, Director of Eurofighter and A400 programme of Indra. It is an honour for us to be able to share the 65 years of aviation experience in which Paolo Pascale (CEO of Tecnam) has managed Tecnam to be the worldwide leader in the LSA sector.

In Border Surveillance, INDRA covers the entire project life cycle, with personalized solutions according to specific border requirements. After 25 years of experience in this sector and being the leader company in Maritime Surveillance Indra has decided to launch the MRI. In such venture the following top companies are participating: Selex (European leader in airborne radar), FLIR (one of the world top electro-optics manufacturers) and Airborne Technologies (which gathers an important experience on installation of systems and certified modifications in order to lever the P2006T to a mission aircraft)

  • MRI is suitable for Maritime Surveillance, Search and Rescue, Police Operations, Border Patrol, Fishery Patrol and Pollution Monitoring.
  • Ground areas and Green Borders may also be explored.
  • Reduces the operator and pilot work load and increases the efficiency of missions.
  • Provides interfaces to and controls of Radar, EO/IR and AIS system.
  • Provides sensor information to the operator on one graphical user interface ensuring optimal «situational awareness».
  • Supports the operator in direct electronic communication to the ground support center.
  • Stores all sensor data, mission information and communication of an entire mission.