MRI in CABSEC, Curacao

It was the first time that IQPC organised this conference named Cabsec and held in Curacao. This island located 20 Miles North of Venezuela was the scenario that gathered multiple representatives of all kind of Forces that are fighting to keep the balance and peace in the Caribbean.


This area has been suffering the constant attacks of smugglers, drug dealers, fisheries thefts and many other crimes. In particular most of the drug that come from South America is coming through routs and sailing on these waters. Indra was one of the sponsors of this conference and we were able to give a speech demonstrating the capacities of the MRI. We had a mock-up of the real aircraft and many of the Forces present during the conference were able to come to our stand and have a look at the System.

After two days of conference we realised that this area of the world needs help and International Cooperation to protect their coasts and they need it now… Thus is where we believe that the MRI can help those Agencies that are run by small budgets and really need eyes in the sky.