DSA Kuala Lumpur

On the 16th of April we attended the DSA show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Prior to this show we have been present in the IQPC Conference and the Singapore Air Show on February. The main reason why we introduced the MRI in Southern Asia is because we strongly believe that the numerous islands, the weather, economic policies, between many other factors, make this area the perfect scenario to successfully operate the MRI.

Tecnam MRI DSA

The DSA stats in 2012 were impressive:

  • 50 companies from 48 countries/nations
  • 40000 square metres (gross)
  • 26,980 trade visitors.
  • 324 delegations from 41 countries/nations.
  • 420 journalist.

Tecnam MRI DSA

Over the South East Asia takes place one third of maritime commerce of the world. Unfortunately, it is highly affected by constant pirate attacks, smuggling and many others law offenses. The MRI Maritime patrol aircraft is a tailor made solution to prevent these felonies. We have proven confidence on our state of the art mission system, together with our platform, will allow the client to efficiently reinforce the fight against intruders at a cost that cannot be matched by any other system.

Indra was present in a fix stand at pavilion 1 in the show, where we showed a model of the MRI, videos, dossiers as well as technical documents.

Tecnam MRI DSA

We were proud to receive numerous visits from delegations, Navies, Air Forces, Coast Guards and many others. The result, as expected, was very positive and we have created solid relations that will take us to open this market in the near future.