AERO Friedrichshafen

We wanted to be in this show because it provides a meeting place for the General Aviation community, and it is also a perfect platform for innovation and the driving force for the entire industry.

Global networking opportunities and sustainable cooperation with major aviation associations is a major factor here. Partnership with these associations allows us to seek out and address issues of importance to the General Aviation community.

AERO FRIEDRICHSHAFEN responds to the needs of the market with innovative ideas and new networking opportunities. For example, the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association Europe (LAMA-EU) was founded by 33 leading European lightaircraft manufacturers at AERO 2010.

TECNAM CONSTRUZZIONE was one of the sponsors of the show and they had the biggest and nicest spot in the exhibition. The MRI was the star of the show as there is no competition in the market for our product. We displayed a real MRI with the mission system including the new touch screen.

The result was very possitive as we expected. We presented the product to the entire Commercial Network of Tecnam Construzzione. All 95 dealers were delighted with the presentation and know they understand how the system and the sensors work. This will open a lot of markets where they have already sold the civilian version of this aircraft. Many journalist from all over the world covered the news.

Tecnam MRI Aero

Joe Martinez, CEO Tecnam Aviation:

“Like every year, the AERO is where we go to meet all of our international dealers and customers. We successfully presented our new P92 Tail Dragger and P92 Seasky aircraft, as well as the P2010 four seater. We expect to conclude about 35 new contracts by the close of the show. We are very satisfied.”

At the end of the day we can say that the future for this new generation of MPA is promising. We still working hard to develop this product and to show it´s true potential

MRI during flight tests in Vienna, Austria.