Pavcon meeting in Bonn

PAVCON celebrated it´s annual meeting in Bonn, Germany. With more tan 30 exhibitors during the first week of June. The object of the meeting was to gather the opinions and experiences of the different police forces during the past year. With very interesting presentations from the British, French, German, American and Spanish Basque forces.

Tecnam MRI Pavcon meeting

Indra introduced the MRI System with great success. We were honored to listen to several speakers with many different presentations where they mentioned the P2006T platform as an example of a new generation of aircrafts with an enormous potential in the Maritime Surveillance sector.

Tecnam MRI Pavcon meeting
Mr. Pujazón explained the capacities and the mission system of the MRI.

All the attendees were very impressed when he talked about the Operational Costs. As he said the MRI represents a new era in Maritime Surveillance, within 100 miles distance from the coast it is the most cost effective platform in the market. This range represents approx. 70% of the Missions.