EASA Certified

The P2006T MRI obtains the EASA certification. The operative innovation of the system is now completed. After several test in Cumbernauld, U.K we are proud now to be certified by EASA.


The System will fly to Spain now in order to develop new applications. The following months will be dedicated to attend multiple visits from worldwide clients.

“Now we have a finnished and mission proven product that represents a new era in Maritime Patrol Aircrafts” added Joe Martínez(CEO of Tecnam Aviation)


Farnborough International Airshow

The Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) is the world´s most iconic global aviation event. Occupaying a prominent position on the aerospace calendar, the airshow took place on the 9th of July.

Farnborough International Airshow

FIA Stats are were remarkable:

  • US$47 Billion worth of orders were signed during the show
  • 120,000 Trade visitors attended
  • 1,816 International media representatives were acredited
  • 70 Delegations attended from 44 countries
  • 107,498 sqm of exhibiton space was sold
  • 152 aircraft in took place static display an flying display
  • The public weekend attracted a more than 130,000 visitors

For us it was the first opportunity to exhibit the MRI equipped with the full mission system. A static dysplay of the aircraft in where you could get to see a life demonstration of our mission software: a simulation of how the system works and how to opperate the different sensors.

<img src=”” alt=”Farnborough International Airshow” />

We were honored to receive multiple visits of delegations from several countries. Air forces, Coast Guards, and other Law Enforcement Agencies were delighted with the MRI. We are still working hard to finalize the test flights in Cumbernauld U.K this week. And we strongly believe that we will finish the developement of the MRI by the end of Agust.

Farnborough International Airshow

Farnborough International Airshow

MRI in Farnborough, U.K

Indra presents its new P2006T MRI, maritime air surveillance system at Farnborough. The surveillance system’s aircraft installation already has the EASA CS23 aeronautical certification. At the end of the fair, the aircraft will begin test flights with the Seaspray 5000E radar at Cumbernauld Airport.

The Maritime Light Surveillance System, based on the P2006T MRI aircraft, will be presented at the next edition of the Farnborough Aeronautical Fair, which will begin on 9 July. The plane will be in the static exhibit area destined for medium surveillance aircraft.

The Maritime Surveillance configuration of the P2006T, which has been designed and developed by Indra, has already received the EASA CS23 aeronautical certification for the modification involved in the surveillance system’s installation. Once the fair has ended, the aircraft will travel to Cumbernauld Airport (near Edinburgh), where the test flights for the Seaspray 5000E electronic scan radar (AESA) it is equipped with will take place.

The appropriate combination of a light twin-engined aircraft with a high wing configuration, of which more than 160 units have been delivered, equipped with a state-of-the-art mission system, an AESA radar, an electro-optical large format high resolution and state-of-the-art system, an AIS vessel identification system and Indra’s ISIS mission system, results in an airborne surveillance system that is suitable for operations in maritime areas from the coast to 150 miles outward, with purchase and operating costs that are hard to match.

The characteristics of the AESA radar, specifically of its SAR modes, combined with those of the infra-red camera in the electro-optical system, make the platform especially suitable for environmental monitoring in marine settings.

The airborne system’s operations are linked to a mission control centre located on the ground via a state-of-the-art dedicated radio-link and via satellite. This link makes it possible to monitor the mission in real time from the ground as well as the operations of the mission system from the control centre, allowing the system operator to remain on land for the execution of certain missions.

Tecnam MRI in Farnborough

European leader in maritime security

Indra is a leader in the development and start-up of coastal surveillance systems in Europe. Its technology currently controls more than 3,500 kilometres of borders throughout the world and cover most of the Iberian Peninsula’s coast, the entire coast of Latvia and the coast of the Dead Sea in Romania. It also leads the Persesus project, which is an ambitious initiative driven by the European Union to develop and test a maritime surveillance system by integrating the national systems that currently exist throughout the continent. Beyond Europe, Indra has developed a surveillance system that controls the coast of the Island of Hong Kong as well as the archipelago of more than 200 islands within its administrative region.

The company also works in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), with a focus on when they can legally be used in civil airspace. The company has already performed tests in Spain to assess the capabilities of this type of platform in carrying out maritime surveillance missions.


Indra is the leading technology multinational in Spain and a leader in Europe and Latin America. It is the second European company in its sector in terms of R&D, with €550 million invested in the last three years. Its turnover in 2011 was €2.688 billion, and more than half of its income is currently from international markets. The company employs more than 40,000 professionals and has customers in 118 countries.

Pavcon meeting in Bonn

PAVCON celebrated it´s annual meeting in Bonn, Germany. With more tan 30 exhibitors during the first week of June. The object of the meeting was to gather the opinions and experiences of the different police forces during the past year. With very interesting presentations from the British, French, German, American and Spanish Basque forces.

Tecnam MRI Pavcon meeting

Indra introduced the MRI System with great success. We were honored to listen to several speakers with many different presentations where they mentioned the P2006T platform as an example of a new generation of aircrafts with an enormous potential in the Maritime Surveillance sector.

Tecnam MRI Pavcon meeting
Mr. Pujazón explained the capacities and the mission system of the MRI.

All the attendees were very impressed when he talked about the Operational Costs. As he said the MRI represents a new era in Maritime Surveillance, within 100 miles distance from the coast it is the most cost effective platform in the market. This range represents approx. 70% of the Missions.

DSA Kuala Lumpur

On the 16th of April we attended the DSA show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Prior to this show we have been present in the IQPC Conference and the Singapore Air Show on February. The main reason why we introduced the MRI in Southern Asia is because we strongly believe that the numerous islands, the weather, economic policies, between many other factors, make this area the perfect scenario to successfully operate the MRI.

Tecnam MRI DSA

The DSA stats in 2012 were impressive:

  • 50 companies from 48 countries/nations
  • 40000 square metres (gross)
  • 26,980 trade visitors.
  • 324 delegations from 41 countries/nations.
  • 420 journalist.

Tecnam MRI DSA

Over the South East Asia takes place one third of maritime commerce of the world. Unfortunately, it is highly affected by constant pirate attacks, smuggling and many others law offenses. The MRI Maritime patrol aircraft is a tailor made solution to prevent these felonies. We have proven confidence on our state of the art mission system, together with our platform, will allow the client to efficiently reinforce the fight against intruders at a cost that cannot be matched by any other system.

Indra was present in a fix stand at pavilion 1 in the show, where we showed a model of the MRI, videos, dossiers as well as technical documents.

Tecnam MRI DSA

We were proud to receive numerous visits from delegations, Navies, Air Forces, Coast Guards and many others. The result, as expected, was very positive and we have created solid relations that will take us to open this market in the near future.

AERO Friedrichshafen

We wanted to be in this show because it provides a meeting place for the General Aviation community, and it is also a perfect platform for innovation and the driving force for the entire industry.

Global networking opportunities and sustainable cooperation with major aviation associations is a major factor here. Partnership with these associations allows us to seek out and address issues of importance to the General Aviation community.

AERO FRIEDRICHSHAFEN responds to the needs of the market with innovative ideas and new networking opportunities. For example, the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association Europe (LAMA-EU) was founded by 33 leading European lightaircraft manufacturers at AERO 2010.

TECNAM CONSTRUZZIONE was one of the sponsors of the show and they had the biggest and nicest spot in the exhibition. The MRI was the star of the show as there is no competition in the market for our product. We displayed a real MRI with the mission system including the new touch screen.

The result was very possitive as we expected. We presented the product to the entire Commercial Network of Tecnam Construzzione. All 95 dealers were delighted with the presentation and know they understand how the system and the sensors work. This will open a lot of markets where they have already sold the civilian version of this aircraft. Many journalist from all over the world covered the news.

Tecnam MRI Aero

Joe Martinez, CEO Tecnam Aviation:

“Like every year, the AERO is where we go to meet all of our international dealers and customers. We successfully presented our new P92 Tail Dragger and P92 Seasky aircraft, as well as the P2010 four seater. We expect to conclude about 35 new contracts by the close of the show. We are very satisfied.”

At the end of the day we can say that the future for this new generation of MPA is promising. We still working hard to develop this product and to show it´s true potential

MRI during flight tests in Vienna, Austria.

Marrakech Air Show

We presented the MRI in Africa for the first time. We were located in the best spot of the show, right across the entrance hall. The idea was to introduce the system in a continent that does not have big budgets to protect their boarders from intruders. Africa has not developed radars or cameras to carry out surveillance missions. This is way we believe that we could help to protect African´s boarders in a very efficient and cost effective way.

Tecnam Mri marrakech air show

The show
Marrakech Air show proves to be Africa’s foremost trade show for civil and military aviation. It is for a fact a major mouthpiece for the industry in the African region. Under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.under the aegis of the Ministry of Equipment & Transport, The Ministry of Industry, Trade & New Technologies, with the official support of the Moroccan Military Air Forces “FRA”, in partnership with GIMAS, IEC organized the 3rd edition of Marrakech Air Show 4 to 7 April, 2012 in the FRA Military Base – Marrakech Airport.

Marrakech Air Show in figures:

  • 50,000 visitors
  • 400 exhibitors.
  • 30 participating countries.
  • 80 foreign civilian and military delegations.
  • 200,000 sqm exhibition space.

We were honored to receive the following visits:

  • Forces Royales Air (Maroc).
  • Gendarmerie Royale (Maroc).
  • Général Armée de l’air (Sénégal).
  • Guinée Equatorial Air Force.
  • Niger Air Force.
  • Marine Marchande (Maroc).
  • Office National Des Aéroports (Maroc).

Several journalist from all over the world showed up to ask us about the MRI. The feedback from all the visitors was very positive and currently we are setting appointments with several delegations in order to show them the aircraft.

Tecnam Mri marrakech air show

Tecnam Mri marrakech air show

FIDAE meeting Chile

On March 26th took place in Santiago de Chile the largest aviation show in all South America. FIDAE it´s a bi-anual meeting that gathers companies and proffesionals from all over the world. Here you can meet the most relevant people in this industry. Latin America unfortunately faces major problems regarding piracy, smuggling, drug dealing and many other crimes. We believe that the MRI it´s a perfect weapon to fight against this and that´s why we decided to attend the show.

tecnam mir fidae chile

Indra has been stablished in Chile since 1995, has over 700 employees and more than 200 clients in different markets. Most of the countries in South America have huge coastlines. There is a large number of businesses such as maritime commerce, fishing and oilfields that are held in the open waters or close to the coasts. It´s been a large number of attacks to these businesses and now we have a solution to give them protection at a low economic cost.

tecnam mir fidae chile

We brought the mock-up model of the MRI and all the technical documentation as well. The result was very positive, many clients show an enormous interest and they will come to Spain by the end of the summer in order to test the MRISouth America opens a large market and enormous opportunities.

MRI was born

In a world where security has become a priority Indra has decided to launch the a powerful system to protect our coasts, the MRI. This revolutionary system has integrated multiple sensors in one application that can be managed from the plane and from the ground station. Selex´s Seaspray 5000E radar, Flir´s Ultraforce 275 HD and Automatic Identification System are the main sensors of the plane with a data link communication system. This allows the MRI to carry out most types of Surveillance missions. The system is based on the P2006T platform. The aircraft was selected taking into consideration a number of factors like reliability, low acquisition and operation costs, together with great performances.

The key of this system relays on the cost effective platform that we have chosen. We can do the same missions than any other platforms at a price much less expensive. “Our Operational costs are simply unbeatable” added Jose Manuel Pérez-Pujazón, Director of Eurofighter and A400 programme of Indra. It is an honour for us to be able to share the 65 years of aviation experience in which Paolo Pascale (CEO of Tecnam) has managed Tecnam to be the worldwide leader in the LSA sector.

In Border Surveillance, INDRA covers the entire project life cycle, with personalized solutions according to specific border requirements. After 25 years of experience in this sector and being the leader company in Maritime Surveillance Indra has decided to launch the MRI. In such venture the following top companies are participating: Selex (European leader in airborne radar), FLIR (one of the world top electro-optics manufacturers) and Airborne Technologies (which gathers an important experience on installation of systems and certified modifications in order to lever the P2006T to a mission aircraft)

  • MRI is suitable for Maritime Surveillance, Search and Rescue, Police Operations, Border Patrol, Fishery Patrol and Pollution Monitoring.
  • Ground areas and Green Borders may also be explored.
  • Reduces the operator and pilot work load and increases the efficiency of missions.
  • Provides interfaces to and controls of Radar, EO/IR and AIS system.
  • Provides sensor information to the operator on one graphical user interface ensuring optimal “situational awareness”.
  • Supports the operator in direct electronic communication to the ground support center.
  • Stores all sensor data, mission information and communication of an entire mission.