TECNAM AVIATION, the main partner of Indra in the Civil UAV Initiative:

The Xunta de Galicia is the collective decision-making body of the government of the Autonomous community of Galicia located in the Northwest of Spain. On 2015 they launched the Civil UAV Initiative, in order to develop a European reference pole on aeronautics solutions. The object of this contract was to implement a facility that will develop Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for civil purposes and to help improve the provision of public services. The efficient management of water resources, the management of emergency situations, land resources, agriculture, stockbreeding and biomass and even the management of the territory, cultural heritage and tourism were some of the technological challenges requested to accomplish.

For this task Xunta de Galicia and the selected companies will invest a total amount of 115 million euros.

9 companies from Spain and overseas submitted their candidatures to compete in this tender. After several months of evaluations and meetings INDRA and INAER were awarded with the contract after a final round classification. This contract represents a milestone in the industry and it is the biggest amount ever invested in Spain by the European Union in order to develop UAVs. Indra has established partnerships with different companies to carry out and execute the requested tasks. Among all of these companies, Tecnam Aviation will be the main subcontracted partner in the Civil UAV Initiative. Tecnam Aviation will execute the development of the Targus among many other tasks.

Jose Manuel Pérez-Pujazón, Indra´s Defense Director announced: “ Indra will help to generate 108 direct jobs plus another 80 subcontracted, in addition we will establish a growing industry in Galicia”. INDRA will upgrade the Tecnam MRI surveillance system to turn it into the TARGUS (OPV- Optional Piloted Vehicle), which will also be the first aircraft of its kind developed in Spain. On the other hand, Indra will develop a Mission and Data Processing Center (collects and processes data generated by the sensors of UAVs, manages missions and performs remote control of the devices). This first phase of development will last 5 years and it will provide a fully certified OPV with an unbeatable operation cost, able to face all the technical challenges that we were demanded to cover.

On May 13th took place the Inagurational Ceremony of this Initiative, including the presence of Mr. Alberto Núñez Feijóo, President of Xunta the Galicia among many other relevant politicians.