At AERUM we are committed to providing the best comprehensive technical assistance. For this, we have implemented a Quality System that allows us to provide services with a high level of efficiency, promote continuous improvement, meet expectations and maintain our commitment to the Client. Being Safety the fundamental pillar of our work.


AERUM as a maintenance center EASA 145.241 has highly qualified staff with more than 30 years of experience in the sector.

We are Official Workshop of the manufacturer Costruzioni Aeronautiche Tecnam – “Tecnam”.

We have facilities in:

Base Maintenance:
– Casarrubios del Monte Aerodrome (Toledo)
– Rozas Aerodrome (Lugo)

Online maintenance:
– Cuatro Vientos Airport (Madrid)

  • Mobile workshop to go to provide service anywhere in Spain.
  • Aircraft maintenance.
  • Repair and Restoration of aircraft.
  • Comprehensive aircraft cleaning.
  • Purchase and sale of aircraft.
  • Aircraft rental.
  • Familiarization courses on Tecnam platforms.

Spare Parts Management

At Aerum we manage the purchase of spare parts for our clients’ aircraft, providing a full service, managing everything necessary to get the aircraft is in perfect flight conditions in the shortest possible time, with the commitment that SAFETY is the fundamental pillar of our work.

Comprehensive Aircraft Cleaning

Cleaning is a fundamental task in aircraft maintenance.

The aircraft cleaning process has more purposes than just the removal of all debris to prevent corrosion. It is essential to maintain aerodynamic efficiency. It also does it in safety during the flight.


t is vital to promote the cleaning of all spaces to achieve the prevention of the Coronavirus. Disinfection and cleaning with OZONE are essential to achieve this.

Therefore in Aerum we clean and disinfect with ozone, eliminating from surfaces and environment bacteria, germs, pathogens, and odors.

We also apply disinfectant products on all surfaces, achieving total disinfection to prevent all kinds of diseases and allergies.

  • Deep and comprehensive cleaning of the aircraft.
  • Treatment with ozone generating machine.
  • Exterior washing of the aircraft.

Integration and Modification

Extensive experience in the integration of sensors both in aerial platforms (Boeing, Fokker, f-18, Tecnam, etc.) and in land platforms (S.I.V.E.)


  • Development of aerial platforms.
  • Systems development in manned and unmanned aircraft.
  • Sensor integration.



Integral Service

CAMO services according to EASA part M.

Issuance or renewal of the Airworthiness Certificate (ARC) or recommendation for this certification.

Evaluation and Control of Airworthiness Directives.

Control and Management of the useful life of the parts.

Development of Aircraft Maintenance Programs.

Aircraft Damage Assessment and Mapping.

Planning, Control and Coordination of Aircraft Maintenance.

General Engineering.

Fleet support.



At AERUM we offer services that cover the complete life cycle of a project: initial consulting, development and implementation, fine-tuning, operation and maintenance of advanced technological systems such as:

  • Secure communication systems (satellite, microwave, IP, Tetra, …)
  • Coastal, on-board and land surveillance systems.
  • Fixed and mobile command and control centers.
  • Planning, execution and analysis of surveillance missions.