Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The AERUM group is committed to providing the best assistance to its customers and employees in all its facilities with the utmost commitment and respect for environmental protection regulations.

Aerum’s management establishes an integrated quality policy appropriate to its organization and that provides the appropriate framework for:

Provide services that meet internal quality and environmental expectations.

Establish a methodology for evaluating and controlling risks and opportunities to improve the effectiveness of the company’s management system.

Ensure compliance with the legal requirements applicable to the company.

Promote the training and sensitization of personnel in quality and management matters, seeking the most optimal development of professional and personal skills.

Provide the material resources for the constant modernization of the facilities and provide the best technology that favors the innovation of services and processes and continuous improvement from the organization.

Show respect, sensitivity and consideration with all our clients as well as with all the people who work or collaborate with AERUM.

Promote external and internal communication to detect the concerns of the personnel assigned to the company as well as of the clients.